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Blue Adjustable Blade Ringer™



Part No.

Adjustable Ringer™ Stripper - Blue


Replacement Blade Set for 45-163


Blue Adjustable Ringer™
Versatile stripping tool allows for jacket and conductor stripping for many types of round cable, including fiber, coaxial, and basic insulated conductors.  This is a compact and lightweight prep tool that works well for specialty cable preparation where traditional fixed blade stripping tools just don’t work as needed for the application.

The 45-163 includes three separate active cutting blades which are all able to be adjusted to the proper cutting depth via a Phillips screw setting for each blade.  Blades can be individually set to score the jacket so the inner conductors or shielding do not get damaged.  

The tool can be used for jacket stripping or scoring, including midspan access stripping, 2 step conductor preparation by having the .240” spaced side blades cut to different depths – one for jacket removal, the other for dielectric removal/conductor exposure.  The front blade can be used to slit a jacket end or complete a midspan cut.

The Blue Adjustable Ringer™ handles cable diameters from .125”/3.2mm up to .250”/6.4mm. Other Adjustable Ringers are available to handle larger and smaller cable sizes.
Replacement blades are available for the Ringer product series.

• Strips round cable jackets and inner conductors up to .125”/3.2mm in diameter
• Adjustable blade depth settings allow for a precise strip for multiple cable types and sizes
• .240”/6.1mm blade spacing for 2 step or window strips
• Rounded edge slitting blade included
• Replacement blades: L-9225


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