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Reflex™ Premium T®-Stripper Wire Strippers





Part No.

Reflex™ Premium


Wire Stripper

10-18 AWG

12-20 AWG


14-24 AWG

16-26 AWG


 22-30 AWG

24-32 AWG


6-14 AWG

8-16 AWG


 Reflex™ Premium

T®-Stripper –


0,5mm2 - 4,0mm2


Invented and manufactured at our Sycamore, Illinois facility, the T®-Stripper Wire Stripper line is the leading brand name in the world. Designed for total comfort and wire stripping; the stripper features a Thumb-Valley™ thumb guide that offers comfort and focuses on kinetic energy for faster stripping. The textured non-slip grips helps in reducing stress on the hands and the narrow plier nose facilitates holding and twisting of wires in hard-to-reach places. They were specifically designed for size 10 AWG, 18 AWG solid wires, and the shear-cut bolt cutters slice through bolts quickly. The Pocket-Locket™ mechanism holds the stripper tightly when the tool is slipped from the hands and it is color coded for easy reference.

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