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CAT6 RJ-45 8P8C Modular Plugs




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CAT6 RJ-45 8P8C Modular Plugs

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CAT6 8P8C (eight position/eight contact) modular plug connectors which support TIA/EIA standards for twisted pair cabling up to 250 MHz and up to 350 MHz for patch cord lengths.  IDEAL modular plugs are designed to work seamlessly with the IDEAL Telemaster™ and FT-45™ series of modular plug crimp tools.  Plugs are designed and manufactured to support all 100Ω cable wiring schemes including the widely used TIA-568A and TIA-568B configurations.  
The CAT6 connector is a three piece design incorporating a sled, liner, and plug body.  The three piece design allows for field termination while maintaining the proper pair twist ratio in the connector body.  These plugs are manufactured to strict industry standards and tolerances that utilize traditional preparation and termination methods.  These proven and preferred methods allow for improved compatibility among manufacturers and devices around the world without the need for special tooling or preparation methods and eliminate the risk of shorts and crosstalk often associated with open end or feed through type connectors.     
• 8 position, 8 contact RJ-45 modular plug for CAT6, 100Ω balanced twisted pair 250 MHz cables
• 50 micro-inch gold plating on contact mating area for long term reliability in connectivity, even after hundreds of mating cycles
• 3 piece connector design allows proper pair twist ratio in the connector body and simplifies the assembly process
• Complies with industry standard mechanical and electrical specifications for compatibility with compliant modular jacks and ports
• Designed to work seamlessly with IDEAL Telemaster™ and FT-45™ crimping tools.  Also compatible with industry standard modular plug crimping tools meeting specifications.
• Three prong contact design for use with solid or stranded 23-24 AWG insulated copper conductors up to 0.041" diameter.  Cable jacket diameter of up to .280".
• Permanent connection - once crimped they cannot be reused
• Primary strain relief support to retain cable jacket and minimize conductor movement once crimped
• Non feed through design to prevent external conductor/device shorting and RF signal leakage

Q:  Why won't the 8 conductors fit in the sled or the liner?

A:  Make sure your cable has individual conductor diameters of 0.041" or less.  Cable manufacturers have varying levels of thickness of conductor insulation.  Although the copper conductor may be 23 or 24 AWG, the insulation may be thicker than the connector is designed to handle.

Q:  The liner piece used to have and open end and now it is closed.  Is this defective?

A:  No.  This piece was changed to a closed end liner to allow the liner to seat fully into the end of the connector more consistenly.  See the Resources tab for updated assembly instructions. 

Q:  Do I need to use all 3 pieces to make the connector work properly?

A:  Technically no, but we highly recommend using all 3.  With the updated closed end liner design, the sled (piece that looks like a barbell) could be eliminated from the prep process.  The liner piece (piece with funnel entry) must be used.  The previous open end liner version required the use of the sled and liner to seat properly.

Q: Does orientation of the sled and liner matter?

A: Yes for the liner, no for the sled.  The sled is symmetrical so either side can be inserted over the paired conductors during assembly.  For the liner, it must be placed over the conductors funnel end first, with the fin tip of the funnel  facing the same direction as the gold pins in the connector once it is slid over the assembly.  The liner will only fully seat into the plug body in one direction (pin and fin pointing in same direction "pin up, fin up").  

Q:  Why is this a 3 piece design?

A:  The 3 piece design, when used correctly, ensures that no more than 1/2" of any pair is untwisted, per TIA/EIA Specifications for CAT6 and enable this connector to be used as part of the Channel test during Certification testing.  For installations and applications where testing the cable to industry performance standards is not required or desired, the IDEAL CAT5e modular plug will also work on most 24AWG CAT6 cables.  It can also work on CAT6 23AWG wires that are 1.07mm or less in conductor diameter.  When using this method, keep the untwisting of conductors to a minimum, under 1/2", for best performance of a CAT6 cable termnated with a CAT5e connector.

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