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1 GHz 8-Way Cable TV/General Purpose



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1 GHz, 8-Way Splitter


High performance 1 GHz Digital Splitters are used for splitting a single coax line into 2, 3, 4, or 8 lines.  These splitters are designed for applications that operate in the 5 MHz to 1 GHz range, which include: Digital/HD Cable TV, Broadcast (over the air) TV, CCTV, and other general purpose coaxial cable splitting requirements.
All splitters include an internal printed circuit board design inside of a nickel plated zinc die cast housing which helps to improve overall splitter performance in return loss, insertion loss, and port-to-port isolation measurements, resulting in a stronger, cleaner signal with more protection from outside signal interference.  
All 1 GHz splitters have a soldered back (not glued) for improved EMI/RFI performance.  
Machine formed threads on the F ports allow for smooth connector mating.
Splitters include a grounding screw port for attaching ground wires and two user accessible mounting holes.

For best system performance, choose a splitter with the minimum number of outputs for your application requirements.  This minimizes attenuation/signal weakness to each of the ports and provides the strongest signal to each individual device.   
Install splitter as close as possible the devices receiving the split cables.  This minimizes the length the split (attenuated) signal needs to travel.
Use F-port terminator caps (85-073) on all unused splitter and wallplate ports to minimize signal reflections.

• Splits 1 input signal into 8 balanced output signals
• Designed for use in Digital Cable TV and standard coax splitting applications
• 5 MHz to 1 GHz bandwidth
• Internal printed circuit board for improved electrical performance
• Nickel plated zinc construction
• EMI/RFI shielding effectiveness: >-120dB
• Insertion loss: 10dB to 12dB over rated frequency range
• For 75Ω coaxial cable systems
• For splitters requiring power pass ports, see the 2.4 GHz splitter section

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