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IDC Combo Pack UR/UY/UB Jellybean




Part No.

IDC Combo Pack –

includes 10 UR, 10 UY and 5 UB

Card of 25


Traditionally used in landline telephone applications, these IDC splice connectors can be used to splice, tap or repair damaged many types of low voltage conductors in voice and data applications.  
• 85-960 combo pack contains 25 connectors: 10 UR Red 3-wire butt splice, 10 UY Yellow 2-wire butt splice, 5 UB Blue 2-wire tap splice
• Used for repairing broken wires and for adding an additional wire to an existing circuit
• Internal moisture-resistant sealant protects wires from corrosion (indoor/outdoor use)
• Quick, easy one-step splicing – insert unstripped conductors, crimp with 33-719 tool
• Permanent connection- once crimped they cannot be reused
• Designed for use with solid copper single-conductor wire, 19-26 AWG (UR); 22-26 AWG(UY/UB)
• Maximum insulated O.D. of .066 (1.68mm) (UR); .060 in. (1.52 mm) (UY/UB)

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