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75Ω F-Port Terminator Cap




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75Ω F-Port Terminator Cap

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Terminator caps are designed to be used on any connected but unused port in a home or commercial 75Ω coaxial system.  This includes unused ports on multi-way splitters and unused wallplate ports attached to an active/in-use splitter.  
The caps have an integrated resistor which helps to minimize system signal reflections that can impact optimal performance of the system.
Caps provide both RF based and mechanical protection to connected but unused ports within the system.

• Caps help to optimize system performance
• For use on unused splitter and wall plate outlets
• Resistor based design prevents signal loss/distortion within the cable system
• Helps to eliminate ingress/egress of unwanted RF signals
• Helps to prevent moisture and contaminants from entering unused ports

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