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TLC™ RG-6 F Tool-less Compression




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TLC™ RG-6 F Tool-less Compression Connector

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• Connector Model: 6FTLC
• Tool-Less Compression connector
• Accepts RG-6 coax cables
• Center conductor range: All
• Dielectric diameter range: .175” - .183”
• Outer jacket diameter range: .254” - .278”
• Recommended cable prep/stripping tools: 45-605 PrepPRO™
• Recommended compression tools: Not required
• Connector color: Gray

The new TLC™ (Tool-Less Compression) RG-6 F compression connector is our simplest, fastest, and lowest total cost solution for installing compression connectors. Designed to save the installer time, labor, and cost when installing indoor RG-6 F-Type connections, no compression tool is required to terminate these connectors.

The TLC connector is an indoor, cable specific F connector. It uses the industry standard ¼” x ¼” cable preparation.  By eliminating the need to have a compression tool terminate the connector to the cable, the installer can work faster, keep track of fewer tools, and not worry about tool and connector compatibility issues.  

The TLC series connectors feature a sliding, locking post design to capture and secure the cable inside of the connector. After the cable is inserted, tightening the connector to the device completes assembly process, creating a 360° compression point and a permanent connection.   Unlike twist-on connectors that deform the cable jacket, the TLC goes on easy, does not require twisting, and has the benefits of a traditional full radial compression connector that does not deform the cable from its designed round shape.

IDEAL F/BNC insertion tools (35-046, 35-042) can be used (but are not required) when installing the TLC cable assembly to ensure connectors are properly torqued and fully seated to the female barrel. These connectors are designed for indoor applications from 5MHz to 3GHz including CATV and satellite.
Connectors are not reusable once installed on a coax.  They create a secure, permanent connection and must be cut off to be removed.

To use the connector:
1) Prepare RG-6 coax with a ¼” x ¼” strip, and fold back the braiding.
2) Slide the connector on to the cable until the white dielectric is flush with the bottom of the nut.
3) Pull the connector forward (opposite direction of pushing it on) to ensure it is secured into place.  This will expose all of the threads of the connector nut for easier device attachment.
4) Attach connector to device.

• TLC design means no compression tool is required to terminate connector
• Designed for use in cable and satellite TV installations
• 360° cable retention
• Industry standard ¼” x ¼” cable preparation
• Return loss: >30dB up to 3 GHz
• Plastic and nickel plated brass bodies
• Designed for 75Ω coaxial cables
• Frequency range: 0 MHz to 3 GHz
• >40 pounds cable retention on all models
• 7/16” nut diameter with 3/8-32 thread

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