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RG-6 F Hex Crimp




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RG-6 F Crimp-on Coax Connector

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Nickel plated brass crimp sleeve connectors are designed for indoor coax terminations for standard video and other RF applications.  Connectors require crimping with a hex crimp tool to secure the connector to the cable.  For outdoor or high performance F connectors see the RTQ™ series of compression connectors.
• Connector Model: 6FCR
• Accepts RG-6 coax cables
• Designed for use in indoor video applications
• Hex crimp cable retention, requires .320” hex crimp
• Industry standard ¼” x ¼” cable preparation
• Center conductor range: All
• Dielectric diameter range: .175” - .183”
• Outer jacket diameter range: .254” - .278”
• Recommended cable prep/stripping tools: 45-605 PrepPRO™; 45-321
• Recommended crimp tools:  30-503 Crimpmaster™ (30-582 dieset); 30-433
• Nickel plated brass bodies
• Designed for 75Ω coaxial cables
• 7/16” nut diameter with 3/8-32 thread

To use the connector:
1) Prepare RG-6 coax with a ¼” x ¼” strip, and fold back the braiding.
2) Slide the connector on to the cable until the white dielectric is flush with the bottom of the nut.
3) Place connector in IDEAL crimp tool with .320” hex and terminate.  Crimp only the back sleeve portion of the connector – not the nut or shoulder area of connector.
4) Attach connector to device.

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