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Pro Starter Compression Kit



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Pro Starter Compression Kit


Pro Starter Compression Kit includes both F and BNC connectors as well as professional tools to cut, strip and terminate coax cables.
Designed for security and cable/satellite installation.
Applications include: Cutting coax; Stripping RG-59/6/6 Quad/Plenum coax; Compressing F/BNC/RCA/RG-11 F compression connectors on to coax cables.

The IDEAL 33-639 Pro Compresion Starter Kit includes our recommended tools to cut, strip, and terminate compression F and BNC connectors onto coaxial cable. The kit also includes ten models of our best-selling connectors and adapters used in the installation of video and security/surveillance equipment - including analog CCTV cameras, cable & satellite TV, and more. Included are the OmniSeal™ Pro XL compression tool, DataT®-cutter, and PrepPRO™ coaxial cable stripper. Connectors include InSITE™ and RTQ™ models.

• Consistent preparation and termination for F/BNC applications
• Compatible with standard RG59/RG6/RG6 Quad installations
• Includes over 50 total connectors for regular and plenum cables
• 3GHz F and BNC inline adapters for extending cable lengths
• Refillable/reuseable case with compartment identifying label
• Cut RG59 Plenum to RG11 Quad coax cables
• Strip RG59 Plenum to RG6 Quad coax cables
• Compress F/BNC/RCA/RG11F/Mini/Right Angle compression connectors - adjustable tool for non-IDEAL connectors.
• Includes compression connectors for RG59 BNC, RG59 Plenum BNC, RG6/6Q F, RG6/6Q BNC, RG6 Plenum F.

Kit Includes:
30-793 OmniSeal™ Pro XL Compression Tool
45-605 PrepPRO® Coax (59/6/6Q/Plenum)/UTP Cable Stripper
45-075 Data T®-Cutter
10 RG59 InSITE™ Compression BNC Connectors
• 10 RG6 RTQ™XR F Compression Connectors
• 10 RG6 Quad RTQ™ F Compression Connectors
• 5  RG59 Plenum InSITE™ BNC Compression Connectors
• 5  RG6 InSITE™ BNC Compression Connectors
• 3  90° RG59 InSITE™ BNC Compression Connectors
• 3  90° RG6/6Q InSITE™ F Compression Connectors
• 5  RG6 Plenum F Compression Connectors
• 3  3GHz BNC Female to BNC Female Inline Adapters
• 3  3GHz F-81 F-Female to F-Female Inline Adapters
• Plano® Carrying Case

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