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MiniLite-Strip™ Optical Fiber Stripper



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MiniLite-Strip™ Optical Fiber Stripper


MiniLite-Strip™ Fiber Optic stripper is a hand-held stripper designed to cut and strip select fiber optical cables.  The larger strip hole is to strip the outer jacket from 3mm cables.
The inner, smaller hole is engineered and precision-ground to remove the buffer coatings, up to 900 microns, to expose the 125 and 140 micron diameter (core + cladding) fibers.
This tool is used in preparation for mechanical terminating and fusion splicing connectors to fiber cables.
Strip notches pre-set and locked, no field adjustment necessary

Outer Jacket Removal:
The large stripping rounded-notch at the end of the tool will strip the outer jacket from 3mm fiber optic cables.
• Position cable in large rounded-notch and squeeze handles.
• Pull jacket off end of cable.
• With some jacket insulations, slight rotation of tool will aid in jacket removal.

Buffer & Coating Removal:
The small stripping notch is designed to remove buffer and coating material from 125 micron and 140 micron fiber. For best results, strip several 1/4” strips to achieve desired strip length.
• Insert fiber into small notch to desired strip length.
• Close tool completely around fiber.
• Use slow, constant pressure to draw buffer and coating straight off end of fiber.

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