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Pro Amplifier Probe



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Pro Amplifier Probe


Replacement Probe Tip


The 62-164 Pro Amplifier Probe is used to audibly amplify analog signals generated by standalone or built-in IDEAL tone generators.  The probe has an adjustable volume control knob.  
The probe tip is plastic to trace and identify cables within a bundle.  The plastic tip also prevents sparking in energized systems.  
The 62-164 amplifier probe is compatible with all IDEAL tone generators and tone functions on wiremap based testers that include a tone generator (62-160 Pro Tone Generator, 33-856 VDV; 62-1202 MiniTracker™ Pro).

The 62-164 is also available in the 33-864 Pro Tone Generator & Amplifier Probe Kit which includes the 62-164 Amplifier, 62-160 Tone Generator, carrying case, and accessories.

• Adjustable volume on the probe
• Amplifies analog tone signals
• Trace and identify copper wires
• Tester uses 9V battery – included


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