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TRACETone® Tone Generator & Amplifier Probe



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TRACETone® Tone Generator & Amplifier Probe Tester


The TraceTone™ 62-140 Tone & Probe Kit is our entry level tone generator and amplifier probe solution for installers who occasionally need to find low-voltage or other copper cables in an existing installation.

The tone generator has an RJ-11/12 and interface and an alligator clip cable assembly accessory (included) to send tone on any de-energized copper cables including electrical cables, speaker wires, alarm cables, etc. Two different user selectable tone patterns are emitted from the generator.  Generator drives all conductors of port under test for a stronger signal and easier cable identification.  

Tone generator can be used for testing coax, twisted pair cables and other copper cables.  Generator automatically turns off when returned to the base of the probe.

The Amplifier probe picks up analog generated signals from the tone generator.  It has an adjustable volume control knob.  The base of the probe body stores the tone generator when not in use.  The amplifier probe is also compatible with all IDEAL tone generators and tone functions on wiremap based testers that include a tone generator (33-856 VDV; 62-1202 MiniTracker™ Pro).

• Tone and probe units in one single kit
• RJ-11/12 / Alligator clip interfaces
• 2 tone settings
• Adjustable volume on the probe
• For toning de-energized cables
• Not available as individual pieces, only as a kit


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