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LinkMaster™ Tester



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LinkMaster™ Tester and Remote 


Replacement Batteries: 4 pcs LR44


The 62-200 LinkMaster™ is our basic wiremapper for identifying wiring and continuity errors in twisted pair cabling.  Wiremappers are used to verify if the cable is physically terminated properly at both ends and that there are no major cable defects present in the cable, such as cut conductors, that would prevent signal continuity. Colored LED lights identify pass/fail conditions of each pair of wires in RJ-45 8 conductor cables.

This tester is used for testing RJ-45 connector cables terminated to Cat 3/5/5e/6/6a twisted pair cables.
When the test is activated, LinkMaster™ checks each pair of the cable for any opens (unterminated or cut conductors), shorts (cut or nicked conductors that come into contact), miswires (wires out of order – not consistent at both ends), reversals (one pair miswired), split pairs (wired correctly but using wrong conductor order and grouping).
Any pair that fails is indicated with a red LED light for easy visual indication of a non-passing cable.
Shield continuity can also be tested on shielded connectors and cables.
Debug feature cycles through each pair so the user can see the pass/fail status of each pair one at a time.  Single button operation simplifies the use of the LinkMaster™.  Includes main test unit and remote unit.  Includes 4 1.5V LR44 batteries for main unit.  Remote does not require batteries.

• LED based wiremapper verifies cable continuity
• Identifies errors by pair: shorts, opens, miswires, reversals, and split pairs
• Tests for shield continuity
• Designed for Cat 3/5/5e/6/6a cables
• RJ-45 interface for 8 conductor twisted pair cables
• Debug feature cycles through errors one at a time
• LED green/red lights helps pass/fail visibility in darker locations


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