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MiniTracker™ PRO Tester



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MiniTracker™ PRO


The 62-1202 MiniTracker™ Pro is a coax mapper and tracer for identifying wiring and continuity errors in coax cabling and identifying up to 8 locations.  Colored LED lights identify pass/fail conditions of each coax cable and identified which location is under test.  Tester is used for testing coaxial cables terminated to F connectors.  Adapters for non-F cables may also be used.

When the test is activated, MiniTracker™ Pro checks cable for any opens (unterminated or cut conductors) and shorts (cut or nicked conductors that come into contact with each other).  The tester will also identify which remote terminator, 1 through 8, has been located as part of that test.  Tester has a voltage alert LED to identify energized cables.

MiniTracker™ Pro is used for identifying from a demarcation point (like a multi way splitter) which cables are installed in which rooms.  Terminators are placed in each room on the wall plate port and then tests are run from the demarcation point to identify each cable, one at a time.
A tone generator function is included to help locate hard to find cables.  Use an amplifier probe (62-164 sold separately) to make the tone audible.

Kit includes main test unit and 8 (1-8) remote terminators in a custom padded zippered carrying case with foam insert.

• LED based coax mapper verifies cable continuity and location
• Identifies coax errors: shorts and opens
• Includes 8 remote terminators (1-8)
• Designed for locating coax cable runs
• F-type interface
• Carrying case included
• Tone generator built in
• Voltage alert


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