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Standard Lockout/Tagout Kit



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Standard Lockout/Tagout Kit


The Standard Lockout/Tagout Kit offers an exceptional selection of lockout/tagout devices for maintenance workers and contractors, and includes a small convenient zipper pouch for easy storage with belt loops and rings to clip to a belt or tool pouch. The Kit includes three Hinged Single-Pole Breaker Lockouts, two Universal 277V Breaker Lockouts/Single Pole, one 480/600V Breaker Lockout, a Wall Switch Lockout, and one 110V Small Plug Lockout. The Kit also includes two 2-inch Shackle Red Padlocks, two 1-inch Safety Lockout Hasps, five Striped Lockout Tags with “Do Not Operate” legend, two Universal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockouts, a Cleat for 277V Breaker Lockout, and a Cleat for 480/600V Breaker Lockout. This kit is RoHS compliant.

• Excellent selection of lockout/tagout devices, tags and locks for maintenance workers or contractors
• Small nylon zipper pouch features belt loops and d-rings for easy attachment to belts, tool pouches, tool carts and more
• Kit Contents*: Hinged Single-Pole Breaker Lockouts (3) 44-810, Universal 277V Breaker Lockouts/Single Pole (2) 44-809, 480/600V Breaker Lockout (1) 44-807, Wall Switch Lockout (1) 44-789, 110V Small Plug Lockout (1) 44-818, 2 in. Shackle Red Padlocks (2) 44-907, 1 in. Safety Lockout Hasps (2) 44-800, Lockout Tags – Do Not Operate (5) 44-848, Striped Lockout Tags – Do Not Operate (5) 44-849, Cleat for 277V Breaker Lockout (1) 44-785, Cleat for 80/600V Breaker Lockout (1) 44-786, Universal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockouts (2) 44-783, Zipper Pouch (1) IA-3240

*Quantities listed in kit description are for individual pieces, not carded packages.

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