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Tongue & Groove Pliers


Description (Smart-Grip™ Handles)  

Jaw Opening (In.) 

Part No.

9-1/2 in. Tongue & Groove Pliers




 Jaw Opening (In.)

Part No.

9-1/2 in. Tongue & Groove Pliers


 7 in. Tongue & Groove Pliers


10-1/2 in. Tongue & Groove Pliers  


12 in. Tongue & Groove Pliers  



The IDEAL Made in the U.S.A. tool line uses forged-steel construction, which provides extra strength and hardness without sacrificing flexibility. This plier is the tool every professional needs. It’s built to last and provides superior performance on the job with rust preventative coating and reinforced flange protecting against breakage. The straight jaws provide maximum versatility for a number of different applications, and the V jaw provides a stronger more secure grip that won’t slip.

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