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300 Series Phenolic Fuse Blocks



Flammability Rating

Wire Strip Length

Torque (in. lbs.)

UL Rating

Wire Range

Mounting Style

Part No.

Phenolic, Filled, Flame Retardant

94V-1 (per UL94)

11/32 in.



22-8 AWG

Channel Mount (Dovetail Base)


1/2 in.

18-8 AWG

Channel Mount (Dovetail Base)






Direct Mount (Flat Base)

330 (end section)





Channel Mount (Dovetail Base)

0330 (end section)

 Maximum Service Temperature 150°C (302°F)

Buchanan Terminal Blocks offer a wide range of quality features and configurations to solve virtually any wiring need. Buchanan Terminal Blocks make wiring jobs simpler and easier, as they provide a ready hook-up of wires from different components or from different areas throughout a structure. Buchanan quick connect/disconnect Terminal Blocks make the perfect connection for maintenance, trouble-shooting, and much more!

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