RTQ™ XR™ RG-6 F Compression Connector -50 pk

RTQ™ XR™ RG-6 F Compression Connector -50 pk
  • Connector Model: 6FRTQXR
  • Accepts RG-6/ RG-6 Quad/ RG-6 Plenum/ RG-6 Plenum Quad coax cables
  • Center conductor range: All
  • Dielectric diameter range: .168” - .183”
  • Outer jacket diameter range: .226” - .310”
  • Connector Model: 6FRTQXR
  • Accepts RG-6/RG-6 Quad/RG-6 Plenum/RG-6 Plenum Quad coax cables
  • Center conductor range: All
  • Dielectric diameter range: .168” - .183”
  • Outer jacket diameter range: .226” - .310”
  • Recommended cable prep/stripping tool: 45-605 PrepPRO™; 45-526
  • Recommended compression tools: 30-793 OmniSeal™ PRO XL; 33-632 Linear X®3
  • The IDEAL RTQ™ XR™ series of F connectors offer a single connector solution to cover a range of coax types, including plenum rated versions. A patented compression sleeve design allows Regular (dual), Tri, and Quad shield cables all to be terminated within a single connector. All RTQ connectors have an all brass exterior and an inner O-ring to provide a robust, weather proof connection suitable for just about any application - indoors or outdoors.

    RG 59/6/6Q sized connectors are available for use in applications and installations from 5MHz to 3GHz, including CATV, satellite, HDTV and other A/V based applications. An internal sealing compression sleeve prevents moisture from entering the backside of the connector and aids in cable retention.

    All RTQ™ connectors require an industry standard ¼” x ¼” cable preparation and are permanently attached to the cable when using an IDEAL OmniSeal™ Pro or LinearX® compression tool.

    To use the connector:
  • 1) Prepare RG-6 coax with a ¼” x ¼” strip, fold back the braiding. For RG-6 Quad, remove the outer foil layer and fold back both layers of braiding.
  • 2) Slide the connector on to the cable until the white dielectric is flush with the bottom of the nut.
  • 3) Place connector in IDEAL compression tool with standard F compression length setting and terminate.
  • 4) During termination, the body will compress(get shorter) and permanently secure the coax inside of the connector.
  • 5) Attach connector to device.
  • RTQ™ XR™ design allows Regular/Tri/Quad shield and plenum cables to work in a single connector – no need to carry cable specific connectors

  • Designed for use in cable and satellite TV installations
  • WeatherProof™ - internal O-ring and patented back seal prevent moisture migration for indoor/outdoor use
  • Industry standard 21mm compressed length – works with non-IDEAL compression tools
  • Return loss: >30dB up to 3 GHz
  • All brass, with nickel plated bodies
  • Designed for optimal performance on 75Ω coaxial cables
  • Frequency range: 0 MHz to 3 GHz
  • >40 pounds cable retention on all models
  • 7/16” nut diameter with 3/8-32 thread
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