PowerPlug® Luminaire Disconnect, Model 182, 2-Wire

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PowerPlug® Luminaire Disconnect, Model 182, 2-Wire

  • Patented design allows for safe mating and demating of connector
  • Available in 2-pole, 3-pole, 4-pole, and 6-pole models
  • Industry leading connector for LED retrofit kits
  • Both halves are œtouch-safe per UL 2459
  • Push-in technology results in quicker connections, saving time and increasing productivity
  • Fits through 1/2 in. knockout
  • Kits available for all lighting installation and maintenance needs

The PowerPlug® Luminaire Disconnect features patented IDEAL push-in technology that quickly locks wires in place. It helps reduce electrical shock hazard during luminaire replacement by safely disconnecting the wiring while offering additional safety since both halves meet UL and CSA finger-probe safety requirements. The entire family easily fits through 1/2 in. knockouts for quick installation.

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